Whether you opt for our exceptional Pullman Dining with the balance of the finest regional food and drink. First Class with that edge of luxury, comfort and style or Standard Class where simplicity, convenience, the journey and destination all carry equal importance. We guarantee you will be served by our solicitous stewards, while the most stunning British scenery gently passes by.

Pullman Dining Experience

Relax in your comfortable seat and peruse our menu, while your attentive carriage steward takes your drinks order. Our tables are dressed with crisp white linen and the finest glassware and crockery. A typical day tour includes a traditional breakfast, morning tea & coffee and substantial dinner. Our chefs have sourced the most delicious seasonal produce, inspired by the regional cuisine of our routes.


Our First Class carriages are beautifully appointed, with large picture windows, wide cushioned seats, and plenty of room around our tables for two or four. Your steward will bring you tea, coffee and biscuits, and there’s a buffet bar available during most of the journey. Call in at the buffet for light snacks, additional hot and cold drinks, and a fine selection of wine, beer and spirits.


For an unforgettable day out with family and friends, book a trip on a Saphos Trains excursion. Our standard class carriages are refurbished to a high standard and finished in our distinctive carmine and cream livery. All the reserved seating is arranged around tables with plenty of leg room. Pay a visit to our buffet bar for a choice of refreshments, including wine, beer and spirits.